Personal Introduction

First and foremost, I'd like to identify myself as a passionate F1 fan. Before becoming interested in the sport I had no knowledge or interest in photography. After initially being overwhelmed by the spectacle of the F1 race weekend my attention soon turned to capturing the on track excitement to the best of my ability. Many factors contrive to complicate this task including the astronomical value of modern camera equipment as well as the restrictive nature of crowd management measures. The photographic opportunities available to Formula One fans such as myself are limited indeed. That said, I guess I have been fortunate to attend the Australian round of the FIA tour where the confines of a street circuit allow one closer views of the action than at many other venues.

The photographs exhibited on this site are a selection of my favorite shots that I have accumulated over the past eight years. I take great pride in capturing images that approach and occasionally surpass those featured in the print media. Hopefully you will enjoy perusing my portfolio as I certainly had a marvelous time acquiring the images. And don't forget to call again, one or two weeks after the 1999 event, when I'll post my latest selection of photos.

Camera Equipment

This selection of hardware serves me well but I wouldn't say no to a decent telephoto FD fast lens if someone was looking to offload some excess weight from their camera bag.

Print Sales

It has crossed my mind to sell some of these shot to assist in funding this reasonably expensive hobby. At the moment sales are a mere consideration, however, if a significant amount of interest is expressed you can be sure a purchasing facility will be added to this site in the near future. So if you're keen to own a print of Ayrton's final victory celebration, Michael's wrong turn at the chicane in '94 or of any other driver who has participated in an Australian Grand Prix since 1992 please register your interest now. If a purchasing facility is likely to eventuate I'd expect progress to be made in late March, when you may wish to revisit the site.


Feel free to drop me a line at some stage to let me know what you think of the site and pictures. I'd like to hear what you've got to say, whether your comments originate from a photographic perspective or you are simply a keen F1 enthusiast.
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I'd buy one or more of the prints exhibited on this site if they were offered for sale.