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We're feeling a bit black at the moment, due to the Australian Government's attempts to ban essentially everything worthwhile about the Internet, i.e.: the bits that fall outside the bland conformity that the mass media would have us believe is "normal". This black banner is here as a form of protest -- Since the Australian Government has spent five years showing us that it'll ignore the feelings of the populance on this issue, it's really the only form of protest left available to me. Click the image above to see EFA's take on the issue, or read my submission to the Senate Select Committee on Information Technology. You can also see the speech I gave at the Adelaide free speech rally.


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I consider myself to be a free speech advocate, which is somewhat interesting in Australia. Unlike our colleagues on the other side of the pacific, Australia does not have a constitutional bill of rights -- There is nothing in our constitution to guarantee freedom of speech without interference from our governments.

However, the High Court has found that the constitutional right to elect governments implies a right to freedom of political speech; The Victorian Government apparently assumes that that right only exists until someone complains about it, though: Witness the Rabelais saga if you require evidence to back that statement up.

Online freedom of speech is perhaps my greatest passion. There is a world-wide attack on the independence from interference which allowed the Internet to prosper in the first place. Do-gooders all over the planet believe that they have a better understanding of what should or shouldn't be read and written than you or I do. As a civil libertarian, I find these people highly obnoxious and unbelievably arrogant. Their implicit message ("You're too stupid to decide what to read and publish for yourself") should be offensive to everyone no matter what they believe about this issue.

In any case, below you'll find a collection of links to various civil liberties organizations which you can peruse at your leisure.

You can also find my tretise on PICS, the Platform for Internet Content Selection, here.

My submission to the Senate Select Committee on Information Technology is here.

Less serious links:

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