The quality is crap for two reasons:
  1. All photos were taken with a crappy Kodak disposable camera
  2. The scanner I used was somewhat temperamental
Bugg'rit, I have the originals, so I don't need good-quality online versions, right? :-)

FUCS on Ice

May 1998 - Attended by about 20 FUCSters, but most of the photos were even darker than these ones and hence not worth scanning.

Crispin, Kirsten and Sebastian

Perth, June, 1998


One of the car dealerships in the Ryde / Lane Cove area of Sydney has divisions called Alto Mitsubishi, Alto Hyundai, Alto Toyota, etc.

This is their spare parts division. Bizarre imagery, right? I had to take photos just to prove it existed :-)

If you have to ask why it's funny, you probably won't understand. It's a choir thing, ok?

My Beloved

Other Miscellaneous bullshit...

Other crap I used to fill the film so I could get it developed... I get around a bit, don't I? :-)

Mark Newton, newton@atdot.dotat.org