It would not be possible for me to run this service without the gracious assistance of the following people and organizations.

  • Peter Temple
    The software which drives this site is heavily based on the original code written by Peter when he maintained the original Adelaide temp trace site.
  • Daryl Mackay
    For lobbying Airservices Australia and the Bureau of Meteorology on behalf of Australian pilots
  • Ted Williams, Bryan Boase, Ann Brewster
    At the Bureau of Meteorology, for taking the steps necessary to make the balloon flight data available for this web site
  • Internode Professional Access
    For providing bandwidth for this site. Internode is a national ISP based in Adelaide, owned and operated by Simon Hackett, a dedicated contributor to the gliding movement. Internode provides high quality dialup Internet access and blisteringly fast broadband business and residential connectivity throughout Australia.
  • David Head
    For turning the map image on the Information page into a clickable image map, which is a big win for the usability of the site.


If you're interested in the software used to produce this web site, you can get the lowdown here.

Internode Professional Access
This resource is provided as a service to Australian soaring pilots, using data provided by The Bureau of Meteorology, Internet connectivity provided by Internode Professional Access, and software provided by Mark Newton and Peter Temple.
Bureau of Meteorology